Snap button size chart

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Snap button size chart

Snaps are not one-size-fits-all. If your snaps are too long for your fabric, they won't close properly. If they're too short, they'll fall off. Which size works best for you will depend on a number of variables, such as the fabric you are using, its density and compression levels, how hard you are able to press, and your own personal preference. For these reasons, we are unable to provide specific size recommendations for every scenario.

Not sure? The 3 most commonly used sizes, in the order of popularity, are:. Size 20 Size 16 Size 14 9. Size 22 Size 24 Choosing the Right Plastic Snap Size.

The 3 most commonly used sizes, in the order of popularity, are: Size 20 regular length Size 20 extra long for thicker material Size 16 regular length for thinner material Size 20 This is the most popular size of plastic snaps and is a good size to start with for most projects since most commonly used fabric fall within the desired thickness for this length.

This size has a strong grip so if you're working with more delicate fabric at risk of tearing, consider size Size 16 Extra Long is available in lengths ranging from 5. The overall height of a complete size 14 plastic snap is about 9mm. Size 14 Extra Long 5. Because the grip is so strong, it can tear through more commonly used fabric.The Snap Source, Inc.

All of our industrial quality snaps feature long-prongs which provide a better "grip" onto fabric, allowing snaps to remain securely in place, wash after wash! One 4-part snap set includes: a fashion-colored Snap Top ring, cap or pearl and three backing parts Socket, Stud and Back Ring.

Purchase complete sets or just the parts of a snap set required for a project.

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Single or Double Color options are available. All packages include instructions for successful snapping. When visiting a local sewing shop that stocks our products, look for like color product to work together. The Color Key to the right shows a listing of the three colors indicating snap product sizes. To determine the snap size and style required for a project, refer to the snap sizes listed below.

Each size comes in an assortment of colors. Cap: A solid circle of color to give the look of a button when attached. Pearl: A domed, synthetic half-pearl rimmed with a ring; seen commonly on Western Wear. What's the Secret to our Snapping Success? It's our long-prong snaps!

Our snaps come packaged in sets or parts: One 4-part snap set includes: a fashion-colored Snap Top ring, cap or pearl and three backing parts Socket, Stud and Back Ring.

Choosing the Right Plastic Snap Size

Ordering is a snap! Ideal for lightweight fabrics such as jersey and cotton. Great for projects such as infant clothing, doll clothes, pacifier clips or small accessories. Comes standard with an easy-action closing tension. Suitable for light to medium weight fabrics. The size most commonly used on imported baby and toddler clothing sold in retail stores. Comes standard with easy-action closing tension.

The sizes with the longest prongs. Perfect for light to medium quilt and fabric layers, shirting, seersucker, cuddle, and flannel. A firmer closing action keep garments securely fastened especially for toddlers clothing. Did you know our snaps are sized like buttons? How to. How to Use the Snap Source Snaps - kb. Embossed: A snap with a unique designer cap. Tools and Snap Sizes. Size 14 Tools and Snaps. Tool Adapter Base:. Size 14 Ring, Cap, Pearl.

Size 15 Tools and Snaps.This is a really informative knowledge, Thanks for posting this informative Information. General Prong. This is informative, but something seems to be missing. Some places give the size as a number "size 20"; "size 16", etc.

What do all these "T" and "B" sizes mean?? Post a Comment. What do the sizes mean? For example, size 20 snaps have a cap diameter of Plastic Snaps. Metal Snaps.

snap button size chart

Measurements are approximate. This is the most popular size of plastic snaps and is a good size to start with for most projects.

snap button size chart

Because size 16 caps have shorter prongs compared to size 20 caps, they are more appropriate for thinner material. For example, layers of t-shirt cotton would probably work better with the shorter size 16 caps than size 20 caps. Generally, size 14 caps are so short that they're best for a single layer of thin material.

Please note however that your material may be more proned to ripping over time if you are only using a single layer. Size 14 long prong caps would be more appropriate for multiple layers. Size 14 sockets and studs are identical to size 16 sockets and studs. Size 24 provides the firmest grip. However, we also offer long-prong options for thicker projects.

To make it even more interesting, you can also mix sizes. This can all be overwhelming to the new user not familiar with snaps or how they exactly work. Good sizes to start with for most applications are size 20 and size If you are unsure which size you need, you may also purchase snap samples here.

Ring Snap Size Chart

For answers to more frequently asked questions, including how to install snaps, what are snaps comprised of, how snaps work, and lots more, please visit our complete Beginner's Guide. Posted by KAMsnaps. Labels: kam snapssize 20 snapswhat do snap sizes meanwhat size snaps do I need.

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snap button size chart

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