Honda engine problems

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Honda engine problems

One of the top complaints about the latest generation of Honda vehicles is how the V6 engines burn through an excessive amounts of oil. Mechanics did their best to place the blame on the owner's driving and maintenance habits, but it was clear through thousands of complaints that this was an emerging problem trend. A judge agreed. A lawsuit claimed that Honda produced 1, vehicles that excessively burn oil and need frequent spark plug changes, and hid it from consumers:.

This leads to premature spark plug degredation and engine malfunction. Honda denied the allegation, despite issuing a Technical Service Bulletin TSB in July of that quietly acknowledged the problem. On October 22,Honda America agreed to settle the class-action suit. As part of the settlement, Honda extended the powertrain warranty on these models for eight yers from the time of purchase or lease with no mileage limits. Honda also offered to reimburse customers who had to pay out-of-pocket expenses for related repairs such as spark plugs, pistons or even entirely new engines with limitations.

The settlement was reached after U. The judge found that Honda was a third-party non-signatory to a contract and therefore may not compel arbitration under the terms of the contract. The settlement covers the following vehicles equipped with six-cylinder engines U. Have another vehicle you think should be covered? To verify your vehicle is covered, you can call Honda at and provide them with your VIN.

You can also bring your car into a certified Honda mechanic.

NHTSA — Engine Problems

In fact, the problem was listed as the worst problem in the top problem trends of The majority of complaints say that they were told from Honda and dealership mechanics that it was normal for a powertrain to burn a quart of oil every 1, miles. The class-action suit claims Honda refused to honor its warranties and instead told people to check their oil every time they stop for gas.

It started off with adding oil the very next month after a new oil change!

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That is so ridiculous. My oil light indicator would never light up-which is another malfunction.

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Scott McCracken is a writer and analyst for CarComplaints. He is in charge of the site's alert systemwhich notifies subscribers about recalls, investigations, lawsuits, and other news about their specific vehicle for free.Every year, new cars hit the market in an attempt to get consumers to head their way, and the top ones on the market are able to do this on a consistent basis. One thing that people like to see is a model stick around for a while and establish itself as one of the best around.

Try as they may, most models wind up going away after their time has passed, but models like the Honda CR-V are able to stick around by doing so many things right. Known to be a solid option for families, the Honda CR-V has been a stable competitor in the market for people to get their hands on.

So, to make things nice and easy, we are going to look at the good and bad that comes with a new CR-V. Acceleration is something that many people look for when purchasing a vehicle, and it just so happens that the new CR-V excels in this area. With this being a positive for the ride, there are going to be people that give it a second look when they stroll the lot.

Well, this is annoying. Buying a modern car means getting modern amenitiesand any car lacking in this area is going to catch some flack from people.

The new CR-V has a poor touchscreen, which means that drivers dealing with it are going to grow annoyed with it over time. Talk about a phenomenal positive for this vehicle. Any family looking at buying a new car will definitely want something that gets good fuel economyas this will save them money over time and make commuting easier.

This is one aspect of the CR-V that gets great marks. A modern car needs to have a solid amount of tech features in order for it to feel like something from this era and to keep up with the competition, and any ride lacking here will be a letdown. Unfortunately, the new CR-V just does not measure up to its competitors in this area.

As we mentioned already, there are going to be families looking at a vehicle like this one here, as it offers space to fit everyone in the family and their friends. Thankfully, the CR-V has plenty of room in the interiorwhich will be a huge factor when making a decision.

This is a red flag that cannot be ignored. The CR-V does have a lot going for it, but when it comes to the breaksit is weaker in this department than some of the other vehicles on the market. Naturally, this is going to cause some parents to hesitate.

Not only can this car fit a decent amount of people while giving them some room, but it can also fit a decent amount of cargo thanks to having plenty of capacity for it.For decades, Honda vehicles have been synonymous with reliability, efficiency, and low cost of ownership.

But for some, it all goes out the window with major Honda engine problems. Enter your zip code below to get your FREE estimate and see how much your car is worth. Get paid the real cash value of your car in hours! Which makes the option of selling a car with a blown engine a great alternative to repair when it happens.

Never Buy a Honda With This Engine

Like many mechanical problems, major repairs often come down to lack of maintenance. Honda vehicles from the little Fit to the Odyssey minivan really like clean engine oil.

Putting off an oil and filter change beyond the service interval for a few miles is not a big deal. But double the miles on your interval? Oil starvation results when sludge builds up in a Honda engine. Replacement becomes necessary when the engine seizes, or bearings overheat from lack of lubrication.

There are a few circumstances where Honda engines have shown a weakness and a higher rate of failure. Once Honda notices the problem, they fix it for the next round of manufacturing, but not before the complaints start dominating conversation online and between friends. Hundreds of complaints rolled in regarding a cracked engine block.

Junkyards became inundated with Honda owners discarding their cars because of a blown engine. More recently, the Civic with Honda 1.

And then, aroundthe issue of excessive oil consumption reared its ugly head in the Honda stable. Car owners complained that their engine burned up to and beyond 1 quart of oil per 1, miles.

Small Engine Troubleshooting

Honda was often slow to participate in the repairs, and you can imagine the angst that caused. To fix the problem, piston rings had to be replaced and in some cases the complete engine was changed out. Honda CR V 1.

These engines have been known to fail early on, usually due to a larger situation: Honda Earth Dreams engine problems. What sets them apart is direct injection. It thins the oil and causes lubrication issues, promoting excessive wear inside the engine.

Most Honda 1. Not only are the repairs expensive, but Honda is having trouble getting a grasp on the best way to fix it permanently.The Japanese automaker will be extending the powertrain warranties on more than 1 million vehicles in the US. Specifically, the CR-V and Civic with the 1.

According to Consumer Reportswhich uncovered a memo sent to Honda dealers, there have been complaints that gasoline can seep into the engine oil, which can lead to potential vehicle stalling in mainly cold weather, though CR claims it has heard from owners who experienced this during summer months and in warm-weather states such as California and Texas.

The oil in these engines, the memo claims, could be diluted due to software settings or potential hardware failures. It's possible for some affected vehicles to suffer from a lack of power, leading to cylinder misfires or engine noise. Last fall, Honda offered a free fix for CR-V owners with this engine in 21 cold-weather states, totaling aroundvehicles.

The fix included new engine and transmission software as well as an oil change and various air conditioning control unit replacements. However, it appears the engine software update is essential to solving this as the reason oil levels have increased is due to excess gasoline that failed to vaporize in the combustion chamber.

This can dilute the oil's lubricity and could result in serious internal engine damage. A Honda spokesperson told CR that "Abnormal oil dilution remains extremely rare, especially outside of extremely cold weather. In extreme and rare cases in the cold-weather states, where abnormal oil dilution has occurred prior to a vehicle receiving the software updates, this extension will provide extra time for any undetected engine damage to become apparent and be covered by the warranty.

Honda also confirmed the engines in CR-Vs are being updated before going on sale. However, the automaker is not issuing an official recall here. Perhaps it should because if engines are stalling then that's a safety issue.

Fortunately, the warranty extension has no mileage limit and owners, who are being notified this month, will have it for six years instead of the original five. Gasoline mixing with oil? Not good. Add first comment. Now Buzzing.

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Industry News.Both problems affecting the Honda CR-V's 1. That problem appears to be related to fuel injection which Honda hopes to fix via a software update. CR-V owners also report no heat even after warming up their CR-Vs for 30 minutes — not even enough to defrost the windshield.

So far, there has been no fix from Honda for this issue. So how do you find out what problems are occurring? Any duplicates or errors? It's not us. Don't waste your time wasting ours!

honda engine problems

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honda engine problems

Add Complaint. There is a very strong gasoline smell in the engine oil. The oil level is much higher on the dipstick than at the last oil change, indicating gasoline is somehow making its way into the oil. There is a gasoline smell in the cabin on every trip. Car is owned and operated in atlanta, ga. Approximately 2, miles. Driving normally at about 35mph. Car started severely misfiring. And quickly started losing power.

Honda's Popular Turbo Engine Is Causing Problems

Car would not accelerate over 9 mph. Pulled over immediately. Visually checked motor including oil dipstick. Strong smell of gas and oil level was above normal.

honda engine problems

Gas in the oil. Had to be towed to dealership. I was informed by the Honda service tech there was gas in the oil and plugs were fouled. Oil dillution problem.

There is a hesitation problem due to the turbocharger the dealer says this is normal but it can be dangerous pulling into traffic this happens when accelerating - Colorado Springs, CO, USA. Search CarComplaints.

The ignition is keyless. I pressed to turn off the engine and it shut off. But I forgot to shift into park. I exited the car. The car started rolling backward. I ran back to it, jumped in and shifted to park, stopping the car.

When you stop the engine, there should be an automatic shift to park or an automatic activation of the emergency brake. My engines crankcase is filling up with gasoline. I'am afraid of a fire.Published on March 20th, by Jacks.

Below is a chart of common Engine problems and some easy troubleshooting to fix the problem you may be experiencing. This chart is to be used as a guideline for troubleshooting engine problems. Remember to wear appropriate safety glasses and gloves to protect against harmful chemicals and debris. View our Disclaimer. Tags: small engine. Jacks Jack's Small Engines has been providing parts for outdoor power equipment online since We also run a service center for outdoor power equipment like riding mowers, snow blowers, generators, chainsaws, and just about anything else.

Honda small engine cm Power washer. No spark when trying to start.

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The on and off switch is okay. No points or condenser. What could it be? Thank you, Jack Sminkey. I have a 3. I replaced the coil and cleaned the fly wheel and replaced the coil.

honda engine problems

I cleaned the flywheel I check the stop switch by disconnected the stop wire I can holt the spark plug wire and I feel nothing. What could I be missing. Thanks David. I wonder if you can help meengine is not charging battery only putting The automattic compression release is not operating likely because We respect your privacy. All email addresses you provide will be used just for sending this story.

So he steered the limping SUV to the nearest Honda dealer. After learning that other CR-V owners with the same problem ended up getting the oil changed, Witzig asked for the same stopgap solution. And as Witzig learned when he started researching the issue online, hundreds more have aired their concerns on online forums devoted to Honda owners.

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Now, after owner complaints dating back to early and after repeated questions from Consumer Reports, Honda said in a statement that it is working on a fix. The repair will be covered by the warranty, Martin said, and will also be applied to model-year CR-Vs before the s go on sale. Consumers, including Witzig, are angered by how long it has taken Honda to address the problem.

Honda has sold more thanCR-Vs in the U. John German—a veteran automotive engineer and senior fellow at the International Council on Clean Transportation, who previously worked at Honda, Chrysler, and the Environmental Protection Agency—says that the problem of fuel mixing with oil probably stems from one of two causes: improperly designed fuel injectors that spray fuel directly onto the cylinder walls or the engine not heating up enough to vaporize gasoline left over in an engine cylinder.

And over time, that could seriously damage the engine. It could also lead to stalling or loss of power during short trips or low-speed driving, such as in heavy traffic, especially in cold weather.

Note that Civics sold in the U. While the problem may be more common in those circumstances, it also has been reported in warmer temperatures.

For example, Jithin Daniel, a year-old aircraft engineer in Dallas, noticed gasoline mixing with his oil last winter when the temperature dipped into the 40s.

This may be a rare problem, but it does happen, and when it happens, it should be addressed. When asked by CR, the company failed to clarify how or if engines sold in China differ from those sold in the U. But Honda did say that it does not believe that the problem affects the safe operation of the vehicle or that it violates any U. S laws or regulations. Honda may want to avoid calling it a safety issue in part because of cost: In the U. But in the case of product updates, all these details are left to the discretion of the carmaker, Friedman says.

Sometimes automakers tell vehicle owners of available repairs only if they complain to their dealers. And even extended warranties eventually expire, while a free repair under a recall never does. In a statement to Consumer Reports, NHTSA acknowledged receiving several complaints about the and CR-V regarding the smell of gasoline in the passenger compartment and dilution of the engine oil with gasoline.

Stalled six times while backing up on different occasions, safety features not working properly while driving. Others have told us or NHTSA that they needed to get their oil changed even more often—every 1, or even miles in some cases. Other vehicle owners have been told to take longer trips that include highway driving to help warm up the engine.

Some have had their fuel injectors or spark plugs replaced. One CR-V owner even told us that the dealer replaced the engine—but that the new engine has the same problem. All that has been frustrating, and concerning, to CR-V owners. Haughton agrees.

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In explaining why Honda addressed the problem sooner in China than in the U. Another reason Honda may have acted more quickly in China: pressure from social media. Consumer Reports has recommended the CR-V in each of the past 21 years, and the car has received high marks in our annual car reliability survey. Later, I experienced the joys and expense of European engineering through a succession of cars made by VW, Volvo, and Saab. That was before the reliable and spacious Honda minivan.

Now I'm covering auto safety, new technology, and corporate accountability for CR from Washington, D. Sign In. Become a Member.


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