Backpacking europe tumblr

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Backpacking europe tumblr

Western europe was the first trip I took abroad. It was just Europe! This is the route I took my first time abroad. In order to travel this route, it was all by train, metro, and local bus once.

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I actually never had to take a cab. Okay, there was also some hitchhiking. I visited during summer. Each city has a link to a blog post written about it with tips. London, UK.

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I see people walking to and from work past such amazing architecture and think maybe I could do a if it was in London. Paris, France. Of course you should spend a couple of days in Paris.

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It was awesome and we saw Paris with him over the next few days. Sometimes travel is about taking risks, and this one paid off! Zurich, Switzerland. Certainly not my favorite place on this list, but a hub nonetheless. We were forced to go here when trying to leave Paris for Rome and realizing the train was full for two days. This is a problem sometimes in the popular summer months. Finale Ligure, Italy.

We wanted to go somewhere that was on the coast, but not as expensive. It was a cute town and a great introduction to Italy. We stayed 3 days. Rome, Italy. This is a city that takes some time to see Colosseum, Vatican city. We made a mistake of not staying long enough. It is a bit overwhelming so I suggest taking a free walking tour through your hostel.

Turn on your JavaScript to view content 6. Florence, Italy.Of course this tradition is not specific to the AT community. Outdoor enthusiasts everywhere celebrate the longest day of the year by trading in their typical wool and synthetic prisons in favor of their birthday suit.

They want to depart from the monotony of society to feel free and connect with nature. Photo courtesy of David Longley, host of the All Who Wander podcast: The podcast for sojourners, discontent with asphalt highways, steepled cages, tidy answers and ordinary lives.

Photo courtesy of Jacob Rex. I only did the last mile or so naked but I still did it. My friend took this as I tried to cross a creek naked and it was almost freezing because it was snow run off so I just ran in a naked frenzy.

Top 10 Backpacking Europe Experiences

Back on the AT just in time for Hike Naked Day hikenakedday summersolstice appalachiantrail trailspawn thetrek hikelikeagirl. Did you partake in HikeNakedDay? A post shared by zselek on Jul 23, at pm PDT. Happy Hike Naked day everybody!!! Hope your guys are getting in the spirit and appreciating both the human body and nature together!! Go where you feel most alive and live, really live. Life is about the moments. This one truly was filled with all the laughter.

Got a little bit of an early start on hike naked day… McAfee Knob, mile With hike naked day rapidly approaching, I may need to make some changes in my plans this weekend. Happy Hike Naked Day! Go and get after it! HikeNakedDay was a success.Keep safe, be healthy, and stay creative during this uncertain time.

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How to Pack For 3 Weeks Backpacking in Europe!

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By mrsmitful.Took this photo near camp on my first day ever solo backpacking. So here are my favorite travel songs :. Wait - M Home - Passenger. Leaving tomorrow - Bastian Baker. Hotel California - Eagles. Long nights - Eddie Vedder. Hard sun - Eddie Vedder. Guaranteed - Eddie Vedder. Dream - Imagine dragons. Song for a dream - Indochine. Desert rose - Sting. Like gold - Vance Joy. Conquest of spaces - Woodkid. Step out - Jose Gonzalez.

Into the sun - Sons of the East. My first solo backpacking trip was a success! It was beautiful and taught me that I can do anything alone. Lomo saltado - a meal made of beef or porkrice, some vegetables like tomatoes and pepper and some herbs.

Alpaca - another traditional meal I did not try is the alpaca. A lot of restaurants propose this meal in Cusco. I ate one in the slums I was volunteering in so that a mother could buy orthopedic shoes for her disabled son. Corn soup and quinua soup - a popular dish from the andes. People make soup with produce from their fields, such as corn, quinua, potatoes… If you do a homestay, for example at Lake Titicaca, you will eat of lot of these :.

Trucha del lago - at Lake Titicaca, you will also have the opportunity to try some fresh trout from the Lake. Papa rellena - potato filled with beef and various ingredients such as onions, tomatoes, olives, garlic…. It is actually quite easy to make, almost like tea :. You can have it for breakfast in most hostels and homestays.

On the local markets you will be able to find a lot of fruits and vegetables known in Europe and North America for a very low price such as: bananas, tomatoes, cucumber, pineapple, blueberries, strawberries, mangoes … Avocado is a little bit more expensive but still really cheap compared to Europe.

When I travel I love to watch people. Sometimes when doing this I see or hear something; friends joking with each other or maybe just an expression shared between two people, and a pang of familiarity hits me. I have been in Peru for almost 4 weeks now. Speed bumps: Ok I really love Peru, but can you guys stop with speed bumps???This weekend, we hiked deep into the Pusch Ridge Wilderness.

While we were prepared for epic views that pictures can barely capture, we were also pushed to our limits in new ways that show us just how strong, how resilient we are. Not everything went as planned which is so hard for me, as a lifelong planner! But we adjusted. We recalibrated. We overcame 5, ft of climbing and the same in descending: over rocks, trees, single-track trails overgrown and underused.

We followed cairns and crossed rivers. We summited one mountain pass and continued down the other side. Vegetation changed as the miles passed- from cactus to mesquite, pinyon, juniper and pine. Just as the sun set, we set up camp and built a fire under the cover of trees below ridge line. We filtered and drank water from the streams. We ate the food we carried in on our backs. We faired fierce wind, overnight rain, and blazing sun. We went hours without seeing another soul.

backpacking europe tumblr

Most commonly, and as sturdy and adorable as they are, these can be found in what are now all but novelty cuts of century-old canvas waiting to be pulled from under a pile of mothballs, rewaxed, and cycled back into use for a cost at least twice their worth.

Where they tend to make up for all that, however, is in their overall usability. For some, especially I would think those in colder climates who can make use of such heavier ponchos as coats, the pros may outweigh the cons, but for myself and my peers down in the land of the hot and humid something a bit lighter is in order.

To get opinionated, my personal favorite is essentially the in-between of these two. The USGI poncho, or a decent reproduction anyways, can be bought for the same price as any decent modern poncho.

But there are a few options with similar larger dimensions, with solid materials and good waterproofing, and I encourage you to pay attention to the details when making the plunge. Which brings me to another facet of this topic that I adore: the alpha tent. Conceived as a solution to the mazes of paracord used to keep poncho tents in place, the addition of collapsible tent poles either cut to size or ordered to fit with wing nuts on the ends that fit snugly into the corner eyelets allows for a quick, sturdy, low profile setup that can be easily adapted to virtually any need.

For people dealing with lots of crawlers and slitherers, a mosquito net and floor can be strung up through the hood for a fully enclosed sleeping experience. I have to say, with the custom design meant to add so much extra room and the claims of years of good use once sealed, there are several that really look like an awesome option if you have the disposable income.

There are also a handful of kickstarters out there for similar modular pieces that may catch your eye like this one holds mine, including backback bedrolls and bivys, modular framepack cots, and everything in between. The right poncho, the proper accessories, and some successful trial and error can make a huge difference in versatility on site, encumberance on the go, and your overall level of perceived tacticoolness.

You sly dog. The walking bridge that crosses the Colorado River at the bottom of Grand Canyon. We crossed that the day before on the way to Bright Angel campground. A few weeks ago, we went on our first real backpacking trip. Started in Crested Butte, hiked to Aspen and then went back the way we came. A few days in the wild was just magic.

We walked through fields of wildflowers and I ran my hands through them for miles. We hiked behind the famous Maroon Bells before seeing it again! We slept like babies in a campsite flattened out by an avalanche. We crossed rivers that tested my confidence. And footwork.

The whole long weekend ignited so much joy. Last years rowdy season was so superb, but I can only try and top it this year. I have been working on putting together a bug out bag for emergencies, and this is what I came up with.I can occupy myself with reading, painting, crafting, etc.

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But I really, really, really miss travelling. Plane rides, train rides, auto rickshaw rides, hitchhiking. When will this madness end?

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The most beautiful cemetery of LatinAmerica. Watch my video in YouTube lahuecatrips click in my Bio.

backpacking europe tumblr

New Vlog just released!!! Full version is on my YouTube channel rushpackers Check it out!!! Link at my bio. Inner circular design of Jar makes all grounds out with no residuals.

Simply rotate clockwise finer or counterclockwise coarser to change grind size, with or without the Handle. My partner and I took on our first backpacking trip. We did an The compilation of his writing Alaska Wilderness: Exploring the Central Brooks Range is a classic of outdoor and conservationist literature. Vlog of my Medan trip in Full version is on my YouTube channel rushpackers check it out!!

JavaScript is required to view this site. Log in Sign up. Most popular Most popular Most recent. Filter by post type All posts. Grid View List View. Show more notes. Thailand - Hua Hin. Made with Instagram.Party your butt off! Go to festivals.

Save a little extra money for adventures like skydiving. La Tomatina is a giant tomato throwing food fight, and is a world-famous party. There are more famous ones like Zurichs summer parade, and of course Oktoberfest.

backpacking europe tumblr

Adventure thrills in Interlaken. I wrote a piece on how Interlaken is a tourist hubbut that should divert you from going.

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Tourists go for a reason, whether it be canyoningice climbing, sky diving, or hang-gliding. Canyoning and hang-gliding in Interlaken. Party Hard in Barcelona. Sounds cheesy, but truly this city is a machine. Sight-see, have some sangria and tapas, then explore the nightlife. My favorite strip of clubs was at Port Olympic, easily accessible by local transportation. Here are more tips on Barcelona. I loved learning from my couchsurfing hosts. Do your research and find someone who meshes well with you.

You might get lucky like I did staying with scuba instructors on the beautiful island Santorini. Here are 9 safety tips for couchsurfing.

Remember, that you need to give back by not only being a great guest, but by hosting people in your home as well! Go to a Huge Music Festival. I went to one in Serbia that was very unique and it made me want more. Check out this guide: 15 music festivals to go to in Traveling by train.

Learning how to navigate a metro and running to catch a train last-minute are all part of the backpacking experience. Go Sailing Party sailing! Play tourist.


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